Noumena Press
Publisher of Classic & Contemporary Literature

Noumena Press is a small independent publisher specializing in reissues of classic literature. While there are many editions of these classics already available, our Noumena Classics are distinguished by the fact that they have been completely reformatted for easier reading, newly annotated, edited, and contain illustrations and supplemental materials whenever possible. For works originally written in a language other than English, we try to select the highest quality translations, or else commission new ones. Our books are printed on acid-free paper in quality trade paperback bindings (5 x 8 in/12.7 x 20.32 cm) and sell for a reasonable price. Readers who choose our editions can be certain that they are getting the best presentation of an author’s works. We also strive for completeness: instead of featuring just a handful of an author’s better known works, we will endeavor to publish all of them in a complete matching series. None of our books are abridged and they will always be in print.

Coming soon as part of our Noumena Contemporaries line, we will be releasing works of literary fiction by new and hitherto unpublished writers.

In the future we hope to be able to offer inexpensive, DRM-free e-book versions of our print books.