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Publisher of Classic & Contemporary Literature
The Human Comedy, Vol. III:
A Start in Life and Other Works
by Honoré de Balzac
Translated from the French by Clara Bell
with Illustrations by Bertall, Eugène Lampsonius, Alcide-Joseph Lorentz, & Others

“To the shame of the young be it said, good advice and warnings are never to seek.”

A Start in Life

On a coach ride between towns, a callow young man gets caught up in a round of tale-telling with his fellow passengers and ends up committing an indiscretion that will take a lifetime to undo . . .

Albert Savarus

In the town of Besançon, a cloistered young girl reads a romance penned by a mysterious newcomer and schemes to take the place of the story’s real-life inspiration: a beautiful Italian duchess . . .

The Vendetta

Two lovers stand in defiance of the age-old feud that has decimated their families: a vendetta that even Napoléon Bonaparte himself may be powerless to stop . . .

Beginning again in life, whether in one’s profession, or, to a lesser extent, for the purpose of concealing one’s identity, is the theme that unifies the three stories in this volume of The Human Comedy.

Version 1.0 (20 November 2012) 524 pages
ISBN-13: 978-0976706243

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