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A Note on Translations

While reading translated literature will never be an entirely satisfactory substitute for the experience of reading a work in its original language, a good English translation, one that meets the criteria for “acceptability,” can provide access to entire worlds that an inquisitive reader might otherwise miss. Acceptability in translation, as defined by theĀ Encyclopedia of Literary Translation into English, is achieved, to a greater or lesser degree, when the translator has managed to balance accuracy with readability in the text he or she has translated (and, of course, notions of what is “acceptable” will vary from person to person). When Noumena Press selects an existing translation for publication, we research the available materials, compare them with the source texts, and try to select one that best represents the author in question, if necessary erring on the side of accuracy. We do our best to make sure that the texts we publish have not been abridged or bowdlerized in any way.