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The Human Comedy, Vol. V:
La Grande Bretèche and Other Stories
by Honoré de Balzac
Translated from the French by Clara Bell, Francis T. Furey, and George Burnham Ives

The Message

An enigmatic traveler agrees to the wishes of a dying companion: to bear the news of his impending demise to his mistress, a beautiful but delicate countess. But will the messenger reveal his grim tidings or try to claim her for himself? And what of her husband? . . .

La Grande Bretèche

Balzac’s most famous short story is a tale told by the celebrated Doctor Bianchon, who relates his discovery of a ruined manor house and the hidden horror it will forever contain . . .

La Grenadière

An Englishwoman and her two children arrive in Tours to take up residence at a picturesque villa, but the apparent happiness of their new home conceals a mysterious illness that threatens to tear the family apart . . .

The Abandoned Woman

A viscountess left at the altar retreats in shame and sadness to self-imposed seclusion in Normandy, vowing to never love again―never, that is, until one day a handsome young convalescent appears in town . . .

Honorine is the last of the five stories presented in this volume.