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Meral Kureyshi
1983 –

©Matthias Günther

Meral Kureyshi was born in 1983 in Prizren in the former Yugoslavia, where her family belonged to the Turkish-speaking minority. She immigrated to Switzerland with her family in 1992 and now lives in Bern. She has studied German literature at the Swiss Literature Institute in Biel, founded a poetry workshop for children, and now works as a freelance writer. Her first novel, Elephants in Our Yard, was nominated for the Swiss Book Prize in 2015, won several awards, and has been translated into many languages. Her second novel, Fünf Jahrezeiten, was published in 2020, and was awarded «Das zweite Buch» prize by the Marianne and Curt Dienemann Foundation. Meral Kureyshi’s Instagram via Bibliogram

Elephants in Our Yard