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Publisher of Classic & Contemporary Literature
The Human Comedy, Vol. IV:
A Second Home and Other Works
by Honoré de Balzac
Translated from the French by Clara Bell and George Burnham Ives
with Illustrations by Tony Johannot, Eugène Lampsonius, G. Staal, & Others

” . . . the duty of a woman, who wishes for domestic peace,
compels her to bury sufferings so keen as hers at the bottom of her heart,
and without a complaint.”

A Second Home

Day after day, a poor but beautiful young seamstress ceaselessly toils away by her window, waiting for the mysterious Monsieur Noir: a gentleman she hopes will be the answer to all her prayers . . .

Domestic Peace

A ball given at the height of Napoléon’s power is the scene of a wager between army comrades to see who will be the first to dance with an unknown lady in blue . . .

Madame Firmiani

Who is Madame Firmiani? Is she a beautiful society lady? A dangerous woman, a siren? Or is she perhaps nothing more than an innocent and charming hostess who gives wonderful tea parties? The rich uncle of a young man who has come under her sway is determined to find out . . .

Also included here are The Study of a Woman, The Imaginary Mistress, and A Daughter of Eve. Taken together, the six works presented in this volume could be said to share adultery and suspicion as their primary themes.

Version 1.0 (5 April 2016) 490 pages
ISBN-13: 978-0976706267

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