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Isaac Laquedem
by Alexandre Dumas
Translated from the French by Paul T.M. Jackson

Isaac Laquedem (1853) is Dumas’s grand reimagining of the Christian legend of the Wandering Jew: a sweeping epic journey through myth and history that follows the adventures of a man, cursed with immortality by Jesus Himself, who is condemned to endlessly wander―an eternal outcast until Christ’s return. For Dumas, Isaac Laquedem was to be his masterpiece, a work that would rival Homer’s Iliad and Virgil’s Aeneid―in his own words, “the capital work of my life.”

Until now, Isaac Laquedem has appeared in English only in incomplete or poorly translated editions; after more than 160 years since it was first published, and as the 150th anniversary of Dumas’s death approaches, it is time at last for this new and complete presentation. Fans of Dumas and lovers of French literature, as well as those with an interest in classics, religion, theology, philosophy, history, linguistics, and literature, will all welcome this new edition.